Tw. Ig. Be. Yt.

Hi, I'm Skiletro.

I'm a graphics designer from the UK. Let's work together!


Vector Design

I’m well-versed in the art of vector design and can create flexible, quick and easy to work with logos for you!


Web Development

I enjoy web development and am proficient in HTML and CSS. I’m looking forward to learning JavaScript and expand my knowledge base. I’ve worked on Vexera‘s old websites in the past as well as numerous other personal projects.


Graphics Design

I absolutely love graphic designing. I plan to have a career in this field and am eager to learn new styles and techniques. I publish most of the stuff I do on my portfolio.

Tickets Bot

Raster Vector

Vexera Website Mockup

Raster Vector

MCTL.IO Pattern


Cuffe1680 v2



Raster Vector

About Me

Hi. I'm James also known as Skiletro or Skil. I'm an aspiring multi-media content creator that specialises in graphics and vector design, creating unique brand identities for individuals. Want to work together? Send me an email or message me on Twitter!